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Online Gambling Debts Charged to a Credit Card Dec 22, 2012�� Online Gambling Debts Charged to a Credit Card it's important to make a timely dispute, and only after you dispute the charge will you find out what your credit card company can or will do for you ... (it seems to me) fairly shady offshore online gambling business (winpalace casino). I actually don't remember the experience because I was ... How to Dispute Credit Card Charges from Online Gambling Jan 15, 2016�� How to Dispute Credit Card Charges from Online Gambling My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: SC What is a bank's process when receiving a dispute of charges on a debit card? Do they need to actually speak with the vendor or the vendors bank to verify the charges?

The charge amount was different than what I got credited for in the casino. The charge was for $800, and my credit card statement said $799.97. ... How to Get Money Back from an Online Casino Odds are this enterprise is based overseas, and is intentionally violating U.S. law. If that's the case, they're in a bad position to try to recover money ...

Bank Investigation of Reports of Fraudulent Credit Card Charges by ... 18 Nov 2015 ... I reported fraudulent charges to my bank in October 2015 that were from an online gambling casino. I DID gamble at this online casino, but the�...

If you haven't already waited too long to dispute the debt (and from your other thread, I suspect you have), or the debts don't predate the passage of the Act, try disputing the debt with your credit card company, referencing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.That law criminalizes fund transfers from American financial institutions to gambling websites.

Repercussions of Online Casino Chargebacks - ExpertLaw Repercussions of Online Casino Chargebacks Hello, Thank you in advance for responding to my inquiry. I would like to leave out any moral implications to the action I am pondering, the sum is only a fraction of what I lost the last year but is the portion of which I truly felt was scammed from me. Do I Owe Money To An Online Casino - ExpertLaw

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